For Newbies: Satellite Views of Your Well(s)

Easy as pie.

1. NDIC website.

2. Click on “GIS Map Server” on left sidebar, about the eleventh button down.

3. At the map, at the sidebar on the left, near the bottom, click on find well.

4. Type in one word of the well’s name.  Locate the name of the well you are looking for.

5. Click on that well. It will be highlighted on the GSI map server.

6. Again, on the sidebar at the left of the map, click on the eleventh button down, “Rect Identify.”

7. Nothing will happen. Drag the cross-hairs over the well you are interested in. Click on that well.

8. At the bottom of the GIS map are the coordinates of the well; you will have to scroll to the right.

9. Do you see “lat,” and “lon”?  Highlight the “lat” and “lon” with your curser.  “Copy.”

10. Go to Google maps.

11.  Paste “lat” and “lon” into the white rectangle/search box at the top of Google maps.

12. Hit search, and voila — there you are. Make sure you are in “satellite” mode on Google maps and you can drill down to see the well.

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