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The Main Site Is Back Up

It’s a long, long story; I won’t bore folks with the detail.

The site is back up and accessible. Slight URL change, so you will have to update your bookmarks:


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Million Dollar Way Main Site Is Down

At 6:00 a.m., June 18, 2013, I became aware that my milliondollarway (Bakken) site was being “redirected” to a spam site.

It certainly was not me doing this.

Unless Google/Blogger fixes the problem, there’s nothing I can do about it.

I have had occasional glitches in the past which all corrected, so I will let this play out; see if it gets fixed.

I did use this site as an alternate site at one time but I haven’t used it in a long time, but am not going to start that again, at least for now.

I will see if Google/Blogger sorts this out.



Please Go To New Site

Link here.

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For Newbies: Satellite Views of Your Well(s)

Easy as pie.

1. NDIC website.

2. Click on “GIS Map Server” on left sidebar, about the eleventh button down.

3. At the map, at the sidebar on the left, near the bottom, click on find well.

4. Type in one word of the well’s name.  Locate the name of the well you are looking for.

5. Click on that well. It will be highlighted on the GSI map server.

6. Again, on the sidebar at the left of the map, click on the eleventh button down, “Rect Identify.”

7. Nothing will happen. Drag the cross-hairs over the well you are interested in. Click on that well.

8. At the bottom of the GIS map are the coordinates of the well; you will have to scroll to the right.

9. Do you see “lat,” and “lon”?  Highlight the “lat” and “lon” with your curser.  “Copy.”

10. Go to Google maps.

11.  Paste “lat” and “lon” into the white rectangle/search box at the top of Google maps.

12. Hit search, and voila — there you are. Make sure you are in “satellite” mode on Google maps and you can drill down to see the well.

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Main Site Flagged As Fraudulent

Two trusted readers have notified me that when they access my site they get a warning that this site is a fraudulent site. One user used Symantec; another uses Norton. I was told by one of the two readers that they did not get the warning in a laptop that used McAfee.

Obviously someone has figured out a way to associate this site with something that causes anti-virus programs to flag this as being fraudulent.

Even with the warning, the site is still accessible.

I never ask for passwords, or identifying data, or ask folks to download anything so there shouldn’t be any problems. If you are directed to a site that asks for such information, obviously it’s not my site.

I have no idea where this will go.

Folks who get this warning may want to avoid my site. That’s fine with me. The original purpose of the site was for my benefit.

Regardless, for the time being I will continue to post.


Oh, by the way, based on what I understand about blogging, the next thing that will happen is that the site will be taken down completely, so if it’s gone in the future, you will know it was the folks who manage the blog application that took it down and not me.

I have an alternate site. This might be an opportunity to switch to WordPress. We’ll see.
Facebook has also been flagged by Norton as a fraudulent website; I guess I’m in good company.

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My Main Site at Blogger is Down

This is an alternate site to my main site hosted by Google Blogger. New material will now, once again, be posted at the main site.

If the main site is degraded, there is a link at the sidebar on the right that will get you back to this site.

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Wow! Talk About “What Goes Around, Comes Around. Déjà Vu All Over Again

Don’t worry; I will be getting back to the Bakken momentarily, but some things are just too compelling.

This is one of those things: a link to another blog, with three very interesting entries:
Senator Joe Biden Opposes Raising the Debt Ceiling in 2006
• Senator Barack Obama Opposed Raising the Debt Ceiling in 2006

Standard and Poor’s Debt Downgrade Warning in 1995

Now, back to the Bakken.

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