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Google Blogger is back up!

This is an alternate site to my main site hosted by Google Blogger. New material will now, once again, be posted at the main site.

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Headlines. Still Down

Google Blogger is still down (incredible!).

This is an alternate site for now.

Headlines: Portugal officially in double-dip recession.

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This is truly incredible.

My primary site “” is still down/off-line over on the Google Blogger site.

“They” are having trouble with something, and it must be very, very serious. Blogger was supposed to be “down” for one day. First it was “read-only” but now we learn Google Blogger had to remove all posts since 10:37 a.m. EST, Wednesday, May 11, 2011. I find that incredible that they had to remove all those posts. That sounds very, very serious. This all started with an unexpected problem with Blogger earlier in the week. I honestly do not know how sites that were working perfectly have been affected by sites that have had problems with new widgets. According to earlier messages, this apparently all started with some widgets that were causing problems with Blogger.

And they still are not up. They only say they hope to be up “soon.”

This has truly soured me on Google Blogger.

On a good note, my site has gone over the 3/4 million mark for page views, but viewership is gradually decreasing during this debacle.

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RigZone: Back and Forth on Big Oil Taxes

It’s actually quite tiring. GE did not pay any federal taxes in 2010, but we don’t hear about that nearly as often as we hear about “big oil” not paying enough in taxes.

I really don’t care about it any more. I am posting this only for my readers. I don’t pay much attention to it any more.

Major oil companies’ profit margin — the companies rank #114 out of 215 sectors.

Dead center, but, of course, this, too, will fall on deaf ears. What is Apple Corp’s profit margin? 65 percent?

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$1 Million/Day Increase in Production (at the Wellhead)

According to the NDIC Director, oil production increased by more than 10,000 barrels of oil in March (month-over-month) despite continued harsh weather and with as many as 774 wells still shut in. (See the Director’s Cut at the NDIC website; it was dated May 11, 2011 — yesterday.)

10,000 bopd at $100/bbl –> $1 million at the wellhead.

Yes, I know the average was less than $100, and that one doesn’t see $100/bbl at the wellhead, but it’s back-of-the-envelope doodling.

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Director’s Cut for May Is Available At the NDIC Site

Data points:

  • March oil production was an all-time high: 359,589 bopd
  • March producing wells were at an all-time high: 5,439 wells
  • March permits: 149 new permits
  • March average price for crude oil: $95.51 (today: $96.00)
  • March active drilling rigs, high: 171

Director’s comments: in spite of continued harsh weather, production increased more than 10,000 bopd ($1 million/day).

This is the most concerning comment: “The efforts to force federal regulation of hydraulic fracturing have picked up again with hearings in congress, forums held by the Department of Interior, and an Obama Administration coordinated study by DOE, EPA, and DOI in addition to the congressionally mandated EPA study.”

And today it was announced that the French Assembly voted to ban all hydraulic fracking. It still must pass the French Senate.

I sure hope that those who accuse me of being “chicken little” when it comes to hydraulic fracking are correct.

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OAS Earnings Transcript

Link here.

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